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support beegrateful

sponser a hive! 

  • this option helps us to ensure the success of one of our hives!

  • you'll give

    • $300 for the first year, $125 for every additional year

  • you'll get

    • one pound jar of our honey in the fall

    • four of our lip balms

    • hive updates on a quarterly basis 

    • custom hive design! you can paint the hive yourself or consult with us create the bee hive of your dreams 

  • please email us directly if you're interested in more information 

buy our honey products!

  • good for you, good for us, good for the bees! 

  • we're still working on setting up our online store :( contact us directly and we can figure out a way to get you the sweet stuff

  • we've done special and large orders; if interested just let us know!  

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